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Ulysses S. Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant in 1822. He was the 18th President of America, serving two from 1869 to 1877. In 1838, he went to West Point military academy against his . He was an average student but excelled at horse riding. A was made with his name on the application form, but he adopted his “new” name, liking the U.S. initials. His called him Sam.

Grant joined the Army in 1839 and in the Mexican-American War. He was twice promoted for and he learnt a lot about military tactics. In 1861, Grant was a colonel. In 1862 he took control of the Mississippi Valley and President Lincoln him to major general. After further impressive battle victories, at Chattanooga, Lincoln appointed him General-in-Chief in 1864.

When he was President in 1868, the American people for an end to turmoil of the Civil War. Grant looked to Congress for direction. the reconstruction, Grant focused on the rebuilding of the South, often with military . His signing of civil rights laws resulted in the of African Americans to Congress for the first time.

Grant's presidency was marred by economic turmoil and multiple . He was heavily criticized for not the depression. He became involved in many corruption scandals, which ruined his of getting a third-term nomination. After retiring from office, Grant went on a two-year world . He wrote his memoirs and died in 1885 aged 63, soon after the last page.

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