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George Washington was the President of the USA and is consistently voted as one its top leaders. He was born in 1732 in Virginia. His family were well and owned a plantation. Growing up, he the morals, manners, and knowledge necessary for an 18th-century Virginia gentleman. He was greatly interested in two things while he up: military arts and western expansion.

In 1754, at the of 22, he became a lieutenant colonel in the Army. He fought in the first skirmishes of what into the French and Indian War. The following year he escaped in battle although four bullets ripped his coat and two horses were from under him. His military experience taught him valuable lessons in leadership he would use in his political life.

From 1759 to the outbreak of the American Revolution, Washington managed lands. He married Martha Dandridge Custis and devoted to farming life. However, he felt exploited British merchants and British regulations. In 1775, he took command of his ill-trained troops and embarked upon a war that was to six grueling years. He forced the surrender the British at Yorktown in 1781.

Washington entered and became a prime mover in the steps leading to the Constitution in 1787. After the new Constitution was ratified, the Electoral College unanimously him as the USA’s first President. Washington avoided further wars and promoted the of federal power. He died in 1799 and was hailed as "first in war, first in , and first in the hearts of his countrymen".

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