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Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States and the to be born in the nineteenth century. He was born in Texas in 1890, the of seven sons. He in sports in high school, and received an appointment to the West Point Military Academy. This him for a distinguished career in the Army. He is often as one of America’s top 10 Presidents.

In his early Army career, he excelled in his . After Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, he was called to Washington for a war assignment. He commanded the Allied Forces in North Africa. On D-Day, 1944, he led the invading France. After the war, he became President of Columbia University. In 1951 he became the first Supreme Commander of the established NATO forces.

Republicans him to run for President in 1952. "I like Ike" was an irresistible ; he won with a sweeping victory. During his two terms in , Eisenhower got a truce in Korea and worked tirelessly to the tensions of the Cold War. This was difficult as both the US and Soviet Union were stockpiling nuclear bombs. He signed the bill that created NASA to with the Russians in the space race.

At home, he the moderate policies of "Modern Republicanism." When he left office in 1961, he out that, "America is today the strongest, most influential, and most nation in the world." He also ordered the complete desegregation of the Armed Forces. "There must be no class citizens in this country," he wrote. He died after a illness on March 28, 1969.

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